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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  December 2, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the job. her staff says she had a senior staff meeting and then a public event with city police late this afternoon. but there's a shadow over city hall. a likely transfer of power being felt all over the state. >> reporter: u but when they would leave is still a question. >> now what? >> now what. that seems to be the question of the day. we have to wait for sentencing. >> reporter: like many attorneys, they have been studying the state constitution while most agree nothing will happen before sentencing. how it happens afterwards, remains a question. there will be an election pending the appeal. >> reporter: there are two different positions for them in the institution.
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and one calls for the governor to remove them and the other saying she'll be suspended in favor of the current council president. and many agree that it is the more applicable law. the attorney general's office, they are in high gear, drafting an opinion. and no one has asked for it just yet. but the legal opinion would clarify this confusing process. >> this is something that no turn wants to touch. >> he's the political science doctor. while the state election is coming, no one wants to push them out or keep her close. it could have immediate and widespread political implications. >> i suspect what they are trying to do is find some way to end it as quickly as possible. but that has yet to be
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scheduled and could be delayed until after their second perjury trial in march. a move that would delay any resolution for them for at least six months. a public high profile. this afternoon, no different. on hand for an event supporting the police department's mounted unit. ignoring questions about the legal situation. and two groups from curtis bay have donated $5 thourbs to the mounted unit. they issued a statement saying in part, i'm grateful that the people of baltimore, are stepping up. and the gift cards that lead to the mayor's troubles were a part of the big holiday gift giving campaign by the city. the mayor's holly trolley tour gave out thousands of gifts to the needy. so far, no plans to continue it. we have the latest for you.
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and the house out here on this street. one of the last stops was right here. >> that brought us some toys for the children. there was a computer that the clients were able to use now. and we certainly don't want that to keep happening that we lose some of the resources in our donations. but i fess we sort of hope that somebody find out about our mission and relates to those in need and then wants to give back. no plans to continue the program. that means thousands of needy people will get less this year. the computer they received last year are to help find jobs, housing, and other needs for the women that live temporarily in
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the shelter. and the toys help them through the tough reality of being homeless. they have other donors taking up a lot of the slack. they say that this is not the only time that they need help from the city or anyone. >> it can be beyond the holiday. the necessities that the mother may need toothbrush and tooth paste for the child. as well. and you know, some of our homeless programs, even just socks and t-shirts and basic necessities. think past the holidays as well. >> reporter: no plans to continue that program that many relied upon that is now gone. in baltimore roosevelt, abc2 news. if you would like more information about any of the other charities affected by this, go to our website on when we're not bringing the latest details on air, you can get them on our website as well. a 9-year-old boy and his dog shot in a southwest home during an invasion. joining us more with this story and how the boy is doing
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tonight withierier. >> reporter: the boy was trying to protect his grandmother when he was shot in the hand. tonight, police are looking for suspects. the shooting happened around 11 last night. in the 1600 block. according to police, three men kicked in the front door of his house looking for someone who had apparently doesn't live there. when they got into the house, they ordered the boy and his grandmother on to the couch. the boy appellantly lifted his hand up to shield his grandmother and wounded in the hand. >> he's still in the officer, suffering broken bones in his hand, but he's expected to make a recovery. and he is a brave young man, trying to protect his grandmother. >> i'm scared for my kids and for any kids. my life at that or anybody's life. because i have an 18-year-old living on his own. i'm scared for him. and i have a 13-year-old and an
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11-year-old. it all unfolded around 7:00 in the 700 block of pontiac avenue. while he didn't find any dogs but minutes later while filling up paperwork on his patrol car, someone shot through his car window. he is not seriously wounded. police do not have a motive but they say that he had a dog in the car that he had seized in a separate investigation. the family of the missing baltimore county woman takes matters into their own hands today, forming a search party for her body. as we reported on monday, 22-year-old, foster, disappeared last week from her apartment and now her family is searching for her body in the woods surrounding the complex. they say she never would have
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abandoned her 22-month-old daughter. meanwhile, her boyfriend is the last person to claimed to have seen her last thursday. >> he was at my house on thanksgiving dinner. the next day i came, i was to report my daughter missing. >> now he's gone? >> yes, he's gone. >> reporter: police, they say that they cannot consider foster's disappearance a homicide in the absence of the body. and to that end, the family says that they will keep searching to provide one. we have that throughout the afternoon that has now moved on to the north and east. but as you can see, headed out there towards the evening and during the overnight period. the only addition to that we'll start bringing in heavy winds overnight through the day tomorrow. here is your forecast.
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weave got high winds coming. i was wondering what you were going with that. thank you. baltimore county police department, they have a new crime fighting tool. officers will now have access to the internet in their patrol cars. they teamed up with the county office of inflammation technology to install wireless internet in 350 patrol cars. they will be able to access motor vehicle administrations and crime alerts in the state and out of state. they will allow them to search for both in state and out of state driver and vehicle information from all state and federal data bases. >> and there are other crimes such as petty theft and ran theft that you might not have identification on the suspect. this will allow you to verify that it is as far as they are.
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the police department, they hope in the future to have electronics ticketing and virtual roll call. more than just the game, even for the players. coming up, preparing for their trip to the historic field. who is that lovely young woman? come share some special memories coming up.
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they talked about the trip to the historic field. >> after you have been through the first time, you know, you walk up into the stadium. and the frozen tundra, and you know, all the history that there is behind it. once you get out there, you know, and you are kind of amazed by the field and the crowd, it is football. >> it's a great place to play and what it means to that city and the area. it's a fun place to go obviously. >> the ravens are 6-5. and right back in that playoff chase.
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they only got to 50. so far down there, they have received .16 inches of precipitation. and there is the live camera shot. from one of the buildings down there. right now at the airport, 50 degrees. winds currently from the east at 8. the pressure is falling from 29-84. we've got a flood watch in effect from harper county to baltimore county and all the counties on this side of the bay that we have also gotten a warning in effect for the bay as well as delaware bay. and very heavy rain tonight and high winds tomorrow. low tides, right after the noon hour tonight. 12:28. tomorrow's winds from 12 to 20, gusting to 40 miles an hour that will be a windy day tomorrow. they come up at 7:09 and set
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for 4:43. the low this morning for them and the high is 50 degrees. the temperature right now, as you can see, 50 degrees that has warmed up just a little bit in the last hour. throughout the day, we had quite a bit of clouds around that time and the region early this morning. those clouds, they continued to thicken then the rain came in about 1:30 this afternoon and the first batch of rain. then a little bit of the break. just a little misty drizzle out there. moving into the region overnight and in fact, later on tonight. i would not even rule out the thunderstorm later on tonight. and as the system moves through, heavy rain, they might be an inch or two out there. then some very high winds that move in during the day tomorrow. right now, the most powerful radar tracking the first baffle of the rainfall making their way out of the region. here comes the next shot, moving into the baltimore area. once they start, they will continue through the overnight period. and right now, 49 degrees. 49 out there at josephs. and 52, 49, 52 out there and
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annapolis right now at 52 degrees. the forecast, here is how it works. the rainfall across the region, they continue to pull through the north and east. they will clear the area during the early morning hours. tomorrow, quite a bit of the sunshine. but again, very windy conditions during the day tomorrow. an overnight low. during the day tomorrow, partly cloudy, wind with a high of 59 degrees. now, your extended outlook for the next seven days. that's the partly cloudy skies there. lots of sunshine out there. saturday, a high of only 42 with rain during the day. as we go through the overnight low of 42, some of the rain could end with the light flurry activity. not a big deal. still warm enough. they will not stick. the sunshine and the cooler temperatures. then tuesday, some clouds. and wednesday, more showers, back into the weather picture. we'll see you tonight at 11. >> thank you. when you head to the mall to shop for christmas gifts, start thinking about others too. it's time for the annual kinder
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time toy box. drop them off and send smiles across the state of maryland. kids, they can let that here and our dropoff centers right here on abc2. 6400 new york road. the east street locations for that in anapless. and the athletic club, out there at bare hills and the fire departments. maryland state police. you can drop off the toys now. they have to be new and unwrapped and they will be distributed to kids in the area on december 22. much more to come on abc2 news. 21 years, condensed into three minutes. and let's take a look at the temperatures right now outside in glenwood. it's 46 degrees. ñ
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eastbound, i don't want you to remember me this way. >> finally tonight, as you may have heard, well, i'm leaving channel 2 and this is my very last newscast. so tonight, i'm taking a little trip down memory lane.
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but it is something that you'll tkpw-t used to. >> do you think it is a part of a graduation requirement? >> and they are out with the rest of the trick or treaters this evening as they are joining us live right now. >> yeah. >> hi beverly, hi stan. >> nice costume. >> i look like an old chair, don't you think? >> when you look back, it does not matter if we were trick or treating with the kids in roger. watching the 3-year-olds outrun the dawn out there. or feeling the brace for them at camden yards. and these are all memories i will treasure. 21 years, 15 hair styles, one for every news director. >> the newspaper carrier is being called a hero this evening. do you hear something strange downtown through baltimore this afternoon? something that sounded like an elephant? >> reporter: and over the years, i wore a lot of the hats for channel 2. but only one vail, the middle years saw a wedding, and one,
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two, three babies, and a super bowl. good evening, i'm marybeth marsden. ravens president, david, out on this beautiful trophy. we're on the field where the ravens have just won the super bowl, a live report coming up next. baltimore fans here could taste victory. final score, 24-10. >> yeah, that was awesome. but now, it's time for me to go. my most steadfast coanchor, the crew. my biggest regret, i don't know. maybe that just about or those earrings. but my biggest blooper, hands down, the story of a wonderful italian woman which only i seem to find hi lairous -- hilarious.
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>> if i have a chance to go to italy to let them know all of that. [ applause ] >> reporter: she says she would tell them that she made, i'm sorry, i'm breaking up over the story. she's so cute. >> the best memories are the birth of her children and her grandchildren. that's all for us. don't go away. [ laughter ] >> i told myself i could keep my composure today and i'm going to try not to pull an oprah and get all emotional, but i just want to say, thank you, so much. i have been the luckiest person in the world doing the job that i wanted to do ever since i was in college. and i think what we do is still very important and a great responsibility, and
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i have been happy to do it. i'm so grateful for the people that i have met over the years, whenever we did stories on you, interviewed you. and i have worked with the best people in the world. and they are like family to me. and i will miss them most. and i'm also very thankful that my best fans are in the studios with me now. two of whom have watched for 21 years with the big antenna on the roof of their home. my parents, of course. i was going through my desk, and i found this gold coin, and it is from the maryland controller for many, many years. and on it is his signature phrase, he used to say it all the time, god bless you all real good. so god bless and thank you. >> do we still have time? time? yes? all right. stay with me, tim. one more thing.
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>> okay. >> all right, everybody come up. these are my kids. can you wave hi? and come on up. come on. i know you're embarrassed. jamie, you're never on tv. >> i'm your fifth kid. >> okay. my parents are here, my brothers are here and their wives. terry, oliver, people in the background. phil, come on up you. we'll get everybody, okay? and i don't want to run into that so how much time do we have? 30 seconds. okay, so for the last time for abc2 news, i'm marybeth marsden, good night. [ cheering and applause ]
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